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Fifteenth Scientific Session “Young Scientists in the World of Polymers”

  The fifteenth scientific session "Young Scientists in the World of Polymers", organized by the Institute of Polymers of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, was held on June 6. The forum is held annually in June and is attended by PhD students, post-docs, young scientists, interns and students interested in polymer science. The event is part of the Institute of Polymers’ activities to promote the scientific achievements of young researchers to the academic community, business and the general public. Three papers and 20 posters were presented by participants from the Institute of Polymers-BAS, the Institute of Chemical Engineering-BAS, the "Acad. Georgi Nadjakov" Institute of Solid State Physics-BAS, the "Stephan Angeloff" Institute of Microbiology-BAS, the "Acad. Evgeni Budevski" Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems-BAS, the Institute [...]

General Assembly of the “European Cultural Route of St. Cyril and Methodius” Association

On 23 May and 24 May the Cyrillo-Methodian Research Centre at BAS hosted the General Assembly of the "European Cultural Route of St. Cyril and Methodius" Association. The CMRC has been a member of this association since 2020, and in 2021 it was certified with the Council of Europe Cultural Route label. In 2023, the National Archaeological Museum of Veliki Preslav also joined it. The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Sofia Municipality supported the event which was opened by the Vice-President of BAS, Corr. Memb. Stefan Hadjitodorov. In his welcome address to the participants from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Corr. Memb. Hadjitodorov emphasized that the Academy, as the first institution to institutionalize research in Cyrillic studies, strongly supports the [...]

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“Cultural Heritage – Art – Museums” Scientific Conference

On 29 - 30 May 2024, a jubilee scientific conference "Cultural Heritage - Art - Museums" will be held in honour of Corr. Memb. Mila Santova. The interdisciplinary forum discusses topics in the field of art studies, museology, tangible and intangible cultural heritage. The official opening of the event was honoured by Vice President Iliana Iotova. She addressed Corr. Memb. Mila Santova with the words "You are a true encyclopaedist, there are few such people not only in Europe but also in the world". In her speech, the Vice President pointed out that there was a lot of talk about linking cultural and historical heritage with tourism but there was no legal framework for this policy. Special greetings to Corr. Memb. Santova were made by: [...]

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Ceremonial Assembly of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for 24 May

A solemn assembly on the occasion of May 24 was held today at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The President of the General Assembly of BAS Corr. Memb. Evelina Slavcheva opened the event for the Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture and of the Slavonic literature. May 24 is a holiday hidden deep in the heart of every Bulgarian, Corr. Memb. Slavcheva said and added that it was an expression of the spiritual growth of our nation, of our aspiration for progress and improvement through the achievements of science and culture. The President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Prof. Julian Revalski, Member of the Academy, delivered a welcoming speech for the celebration. On this day, [...]

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BAS economists: Bulgaria registers one of the highest levels of energy poverty in the EU

Bulgaria registers one of the highest levels of energy poverty in the EU but lags behind in introducing a mechanism to support energy poor households and does not take the necessary actions for a targeted, comprehensive and coordinated cross-sectoral policy in this area. This is stated in the focus topic of the regular Annual Report: 'Economic Development and Policies in Bulgaria: Assessments and Expectations' of the Economic Research Institute (ERI) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The report examines the state and development of the global and national economy in 2023 and presents estimates of economic development in the medium term to 2026. The focus topic analyses and assesses the dimensions of energy poverty in Bulgaria in the period 2014-2023. The scientists from ERI highlight [...]

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Scientists from BAS with the most prestigious award for science “Pythagoras”

Corr. Memb. Prof. DSc Stanislav Vassilev from the Institute of Mineralogy and Crystallography of BAS has been awarded the Pythagoras Grand Prize of the Ministry of Education and Science for his overall scientific contribution. He received a diploma and a cash prize of BGN 12 000 at a ceremony on 17 May. The President of BAS Prof. Julian Revalski, Member of the Academy, participated in the event which was held annually, in 2024 for the 16th time. Corr. Memb. Stanislav Vassilev has contributed to the field of mineralogy, geochemistry and sustainable innovative utilization of solid fuels and their waste products from thermochemical processing - a worldwide problem in coal mining, including in Bulgaria. He is one of the Bulgarians among the top 1% of [...]

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