On 28 June 2021, Prof. Stephen Cantrell, Director of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences of the Americas (IMSA) and Prof. Mina Teicher, Director of the Emmy Noether Institute in Israel are coming on an official visit to the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. The main purpose of the visit is to discuss new projects and deepen cooperation with ICMS.

A meeting entitled “ICMS Pursuing Excellence” will be held on 29 June 2021 at IMI-BAS. The agenda of the meeting includes a presentation of ICMS and the current and future collaboration with IMSA. Prof. Cantrell and Prof. Teicher will announce the names of the first joint postdocs between IMSA and ICMS and the first Bulgarian laureates of the WIMSA Women in Mathematics program.

The meeting will be attended by representatives of the US Embassy in Bulgaria, the Embassy of Israel in Bulgaria, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Bulgarian Science Fund, the Fulbright Program, foundations, etc.

At 15:30 on 30 June 2021, Prof. Cantrell and Prof. Teicher will give lectures in “Prof. Marin Drinov” Hall of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Sofia, 1, 15 November Street). The lectures “A Journey from math to biology and back again …and again” and “The mathematics of beauty” will be in English and aimed at a wider audience.

The event will be held in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures.

Professor Mina Teicher works at the Department of Mathematics and Gonda Brain Research Center, Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Professor Stephen Cantrell is Director of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences of the Americas (IMSA) and of the Institute for Theoretical and Mathematical Ecology in Miami.