In the period 12-15 July 2021, Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies /DIAS/, as a partner of the STELLAR project, with the Institute of Astronomy with National Astronomical Observatory “Rozhen” at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IA with NAO-BAS) as coordinator, organized and held an online workshop on “Space Weather, Solar Activity and Data Analysis”.

37 Bulgarian and foreign students, PhD students and scientists participated and had the opportunity to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of space weather and learn more about solar activity. Some of the workshop topics were solar radio bursts, solar interaction with planets and interplanetary space and observations of the Sun in the radio range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The programme also included exercises on observational data processing and analysis, and visualization using the Python programming language.

The STELLAR project offers an opportunity for the IA with NAO-BAS and the Technical University-Sofia to develop and operate a large national radio astronomy infrastructure LOFAR-BG, taking advantage of the exchange of practical skills and experience with the partner institutions ASTRON /Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy/ and DIAS. The STELLAR project will support the establishment of a national centre for radio astronomy and space weather and the development of new technological solutions in this field.

The STELLAR project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant No 952439.

Videos of the workshop are available here..