The Institute of Solid State Physics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is celebrating its 49th anniversary with the exhibition “Challenges of New Materials and Applications”. The exhibition in the foyer in front of “Prof. Marin Drinov” Hall of the central building of BAS presents the development and achievements of the scientists from the Laboratory of Optics and Spectroscopy.

Research in spectroscopy began at the Institute of Solid State Physics in 1952. Today, the Laboratory’s scientists have technologies, instrumentation and analytical methods such as UV-VIS-NIR and FT-IR spectrophotometry, complex electro-impedance spectroscopy, etc. This allows for a wide range of studies on a variety of materials: novel polymer-based electrolytes of interest for organic electronics, sensorics and mechatronics; ion-implanted transparent polymer materials with applications in integrative, adaptive, nonlinear optics and photonics; photoactive nematic nanocomposite materials with applications in photo-controlled electro-optics.

Researchers in the field of optics and spectroscopy have developed a nanocomposite – a liquid crystal with graphene nanoparticles, and the results obtained are an indication of the realization of an efficient electro-optically controllable memory in a liquid crystal matrix. They are also working on determining optimal technological process modes for physical deposition in vacuum.  The obtained antireflective and specular coatings for the near and far ultraviolet region which possess the necessary characteristics are important for the companies of the industry in Bulgaria such as Optix AD, Zavod za optika Ltd, Cimcoop Holding Ltd, Opteco & Partners Ltd, Milcotronic Ltd.

Among the Laboratory’s achievements are also theoretical and experimental developments of high-performance diffraction gratings, as well as integrated-optical and fiber-optical passive and active elements with novel designs. Interdisciplinary research is also carried out related to different laser methods that may find application for the conservation and restoration of easel painting, and also related to the use of luminescence dating of prehistoric and early Christian sites in our country: temples, consecrated places, tombstones.

The exhibition “Challenges of New Materials and Applications” can be viewed from 18 to 22 October 2021, after which it will be moved to the Institute of Solid State Physics, Complex 2, BAS.