Prof. Dr. Krasimira Todorova-Hairabedyan from the Institute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction of BAS was awarded in the competition of the Patent Office and the Union of Inventors in Bulgaria “Inventor of the Year” 2021, category “Chemistry and Biotechnology”. The awards were presented at an official ceremony held on December 8.

Prof. Todorova-Hairabedyan participated with the invention METHOD AND KIT FOR DETECTION OF ONCOFUSION PROTEIN in team with Prof. Soren Hairabedyan. A method for the detection of oncofusion protein was developed that represents a combination of immunological and molecular biological method, allowing the recognition of the most common and with the highest clinical relevance functionally fit oncofusion protein in prostate cancer – TMPRSS2-ERG. The proposed solution detects at the protein level the two distinct parts of TMPRSS2-ERG.