A demonstration pilot installation for advanced production of gas diffusion electrodes for metal-air batteries, being built at the Institute of Electrochemistry and Power Systems of BAS (IEES-BAS), was presented for the first time at the Sofia Science Festival 2022.

Scientists at the institute are developing zinc-air, magnesium-air and lead-air batteries, with efforts focused on improving rechargeable metal-hydride-air batteries. The advantages of these batteries for stationary applications, including renewable energy storage, are low weight, low cost, safety in operation and the use of environmentally friendly materials. In addition to stationary applications, they can also be used as batteries in hybrid vehicles as they are lighter and have a higher capacity than the nickel-metal hydride batteries currently used. This fact is due to the unlimited capacity of the originally developed gas diffusion electrodes under reversibility of the charge-discharge processes.

You can see a video about the development of the scientists from IEES here.

The pilot plant for the production of gas diffusion electrodes is being set up within the framework of the National Scientific Infrastructure “Energy Storage and Hydrogen Energy” (ESHER), funded by the Ministry of Education and Science. The installation is part of the “Platform for the development of a new generation of fuel cells and batteries” under Module 2, comprising several high-tech development platforms.

All the latest developments that the scientists from IEES-BAS are working on will be on display on 13 October 2022 (Thursday) from 10:00 to 16:00, when the Institute opens its doors for visitors. Guests will have the opportunity to visit the laboratories as well as to discuss with leading scientists from IEES-BAS issues related to technologies for the production and operation of different types of batteries, supercapacitors and hydrogen installations for the production, storage and delivery of energy.