The International Airport in Sofia to be named after Vasil Levski proposes the President of BAS Prof. Julian Revalski, Full Member of the Academy. Today he has sent a letter to the caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev with the idea that the Council of Ministers should consider the proposal.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the death of the Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski – one of the brightest and greatest personalities in our history.

With this act, we will all express to the greatest extent our respect to the national hero of Bulgaria, who has contributed immensely to the revival of the Bulgarian spirit and the liberation of our Fatherland. Apart from being a cosmopolitan personality, the Apostle was also one of the donors at the foundation of the Bulgarian Learned Society in 1869 whose successor is the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

In his letter to the Prime Minister, Prof. Julian Revalski states that he again puts up for discussion this proposal which in 2017 was supported by a large group of our contemporaries but did not materialise.