The exhibition “Notes on Bulgarian Orchids” was opened at the National Museum of Natural History of BAS (NMNHS) on 25 April and the book “Orchids in Bulgaria” was presented. The exhibition can be viewed in the Botany Hall of the museum until the end of the year.

The book is a unique phototype edition of a manuscript with botanical notes and drawings by Lyuben Domozetski. Today, when there are many opportunities to document observations and verbalize knowledge, the author of the manuscript turns to this archaic model to introduce us to an exciting and interesting topic – the wild orchids of Bulgaria. Following current research on the subject and drawing on authoritative publications and databases, the art historian, artist and naturalist Lyuben Domozetski has expanded his interests in botany, gaining personal observations and experience, while also discovering new, unreported orchid species. It is in the “field diary” of their discoverer that they are presented for the first time and their first public announcement is within the publication and at the event organized at the National Museum of Natural History of BAS.

The exhibition was officially opened by Prof. Pavel Stoev, Director of NMNHS – BAS and by Assoc. Prof. Ina Aneva, Scientific Secretary of division “Biodiversity, Bioresources and Ecology” of BAS. Prof. Pavel Stoev said that it was the first time he had opened such an exhibition. Assoc. Prof. Ina Aneva stressed the uniqueness and the intimacy of the manuscript, in which the author has shared the light of his soul – it takes great talent to draw all kinds of orchids with this precision, combined with tenderness, overflowing into love. She added that besides being a true work of art, the book presented contains new information about many of the species, including the establishment of new species for the flora of Bulgaria. Assoc. Prof. Antoaneta Petrova from the Botanical Garden of BAS noted that it was an extraordinary achievement that this book appeared in such a short period after Lyuben Domozetski had begun to show a deeper interest in orchids. The three scientists shared their conviction that this manuscript will be the basis for generations of future researchers of Bulgarian orchids and will arouse even greater interest in one of the most species-rich families.

Lyuben Domozetski presented to the Herbarium of the NMNHS – BAS a specimen of the species Gymnadenia rubra, which he found for the first time in Bulgaria, in Rila and specially collected and prepared for the museum’s collection.