The Integrated Management System (IMS) of the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, certified in accordance with the international standards for quality EN ISO 9001:2015 and environment EN ISO 14001:2015, has been implemented in order to document, analyze and evaluate the policy and actions of the management in terms of meeting the requirements of the standards of the units included in the IMS.

For 20 years, the Institute has been positively evaluated for its work in audit reports, which is a guarantee of good governance and compliance with the requirements of best management practices for scientific organisations. The optimization of the quality of the work process as well as the assessment of the environmental impact of the activities at the INRNE are a guarantee of responsibility and prevention of risks and threats. Through the results and their thorough analysis of the radiation environmental monitoring carried out in the territory of the INRNE, an overall assessment is made which shows that no adverse impact on the environment is observed from the activities carried out in the INRNE. The environmental situation is stable and there is no risk for the environment and the population.

The 20th external audit of Quality Austria was successfully completed at the end of June. At a ceremony, auditor Vele Temelkoski presented the Director of the Institute, Prof. Dimitar Tonev, a plaquette on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the IMS at INRNE-BAS.