The new documentary about the Black Sea “Science for the Sea” with first screening in Varna on 15 July

A solemn celebration on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Oceanology of BAS was held on 12 July at the Festival and Congress Centre-Varna. The Director of the Institute, Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Valchev, awarded employees of the institute and international and Bulgarian partners – schools, universities, representatives of state institutions, business and media.

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was awarded a “badge of honour” for academic contribution to the development of marine research and active support for the overall activities of the Institute of Oceanology.  O

n behalf of the Management of BAS, the Scientific Secretary of the “Biodiversity, Bioresources and Ecology” division, Assoc. Prof. Ina Aneva presented a congratulatory address. Your in-depth scientific research which you have been conducting on a daily basis over the years, in the laboratories or at sea, is a source of pride and a source of admiration and appreciation, the letter of congratulations states. We rely on your expertise which is highly appreciated both at home and abroad, said Assoc. Prof. Aneva.

A “Medal on Ribbon” for overall contribution to the development of marine geological science and dedicated support for the activities of the Institute of Oceanology was awarded to Corr. Memb. Kristalina Stoykova.

Two lectures – “Climate changes in the last 66 million years in the geological history of the Earth: why it is important to study them” with lecturer Corr. Memb. Kristalina Stoykova and “The Black Sea Ecosystem: evolution, characteristics, ecological challenges and conservation” with lecturer Prof. Valentina Todorova were presented during the scientific talk which took place on 11 July.

On the occasion of the 50th jubilee, an exhibition is arranged in front of the Festival and Congress Centre in Varna, showing the history and the main achievements of the scientists. The most pressing problems of the Black Sea and what the scientists of the Institute of Oceanology in Varna are doing to solve them are presented in the documentary “Science for the Sea”. The first screening is in Varna on 15 July. Then the film will be shown on 19 July at the Burgas International Film Festival.

Our task as scientists is not only to study the features of the sea but also to consider the variation of different processes in their interrelation with the World Ocean. We also study how humans influence the marine environment. Nevertheless, however advanced it may be, science can remain misunderstood if it does not try to share its message with those for whom it is done, namely humans, the Institute of Oceanology says in the film produced for the jubilee.