Premiere of the new book in two volumes “Macedonia: History and Culture from Antiquity to Today”, published by the Prof. Marin Drinov Publishing House of BAS took place on 2 April at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The book was created by scientists from several institutes and universities, said Acad. Vassil Nikolov who thanked all 35 authors of the two-volume book as well as the academic publishing house. He stressed that the publication was created under the Academy’s programme for monographic studies and collections dedicated to the history and culture of the Bulgarian diaspora outside the country’s political borders.

President Rumen Radev sent a congratulatory address on the occasion of the presentation of the book, “Without any doubt, this large-scale scientific study provides the general public with a panoramic and at the same time profound insight into the history, culture and political fate of the region of Macedonia,” he said. “I believe that the facts presented in the study are an important starting point for the reasoned defense of the historical truth, the just Bulgarian cause and the dignity of the Macedonian Bulgarians in their centuries-old struggle for freedom and equality,” the congratulatory address to the organizers and guests of the premiere noted.

The two volumes of the book were presented at the event, organized by BAS, the Institute for Historical Studies of BAS and the Macedonian Scientific Institute. Volume 1 reveals the history of the area from Antiquity to the end of World War II. The historical-geographical region of Macedonia has been part of the Bulgarian spiritual and demographic space for centuries although it often falls within the borders of other countries. Volume 2 deals in five parts with the area’s past after 1944, issues of its linguistics and ethnology, and its place in important areas of Bulgarian culture.

The publication is intended not only for professional historians but also for the general readership in Bulgaria, the Balkans and the world, said the Director of the Macedonian Scientific Institute, Prof. Georgi Nikolov.

Prof. Daniel Vachkov from the Institute for Historical Studies of BAS noted that the book was a long project, started in 2017. He stressed that what had been written was a history that did not conflict with historical sources but was in line with them; it was based on these sources. Apart from the scientific value, the book has a very important social value, Prof. Vachkov added.

The authors Prof. Iliya Iliev, Institute for Historical Studies of BAS, Assoc. Prof. Angel Dzhonev, Institute for Historical Studies of BAS and Assoc. Prof. Petko Hristov, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum of BAS, Prof. Angel Angelov, Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski” and Nikolay Poppetrov, Institute for Historical Studies of BAS, spoke about the book.

The presentation was attended by the President of BAS Prof. Julian Revalski, Member of the Academy, representatives of the leadership of the Academy and the Assembly of Academicians and Corresponding Members, scientists, historians, diplomats.