On 23 May and 24 May the Cyrillo-Methodian Research Centre at BAS hosted the General Assembly of the “European Cultural Route of St. Cyril and Methodius” Association. The CMRC has been a member of this association since 2020, and in 2021 it was certified with the Council of Europe Cultural Route label. In 2023, the National Archaeological Museum of Veliki Preslav also joined it. The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Sofia Municipality supported the event which was opened by the Vice-President of BAS, Corr. Memb. Stefan Hadjitodorov. In his welcome address to the participants from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Corr. Memb. Hadjitodorov emphasized that the Academy, as the first institution to institutionalize research in Cyrillic studies, strongly supports the initiative as well as the efforts of the CMRC to build the national part of this pan-European itinerary called “through travel in space and time to transform the heritage of individual countries and cultures into a living and shared European heritage.” The speech pointed out that the scientific basis of any cultural route is a necessary condition for its authenticity and functionality as well as the greater internationalisation of the route’s management. In the business part of the meeting, the report of the Association was presented and new members were accepted: the Municipality of Rome and the Aquileia Foundation from Italy, and the Supraśl Academy from Poland.