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Scientists from BAS inscribed in the “Golden Book” of the Patent Office

Scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences were inscribed in the "Golden Book" of the Patent Office at a solemn ceremony held in the Armorial Hall of the Presidency. The 41st inscription ceremony honored the most outstanding Bulgarian inventors and discoverers. Head of State Rumen Radev presented honorary diplomas for the entry to Prof. DSc Eng. Pavlinka Dolashka and Prof. Dr. Kostadin Kostadinov. The Bulgarian innovators deserve recognition for their tireless work and dedication to modern society for the development of fundamental and applied science and care for environmental protection, the President said in his address. Our aspiration for Bulgaria to be a modern and prosperous country can only be achieved with respect for the people of science and progress, Rumen Radev said. Prof. DSc. [...]

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Scientists presented projects under EPLUS NSP

Scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and higher education institutions in the country presented in “Prof. Marin Drinov” Hall of BAS presented the results of their research under the National Programme "Low Carbon Energy for Transport and Domestic Use" (EPLUS). The information meeting was opened by the head of the programme, Acad. Konstantin Hadjiivanov, who presented the partners and the main tasks for the research teams. The President of BAS Prof. Julian Revalski, Full Member of the Academy, welcomed the participants in the forum and said that the participation in the national scientific programmes of researchers from BAS and universities is an example of good interaction between them. Within the framework of the EPLUS programme, demonstration research projects have also been funded. A demonstration [...]

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75 years Geological Institute of BAS

The Geological Institute "Strashimir Dimitrov" of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences marked its 75th anniversary with a celebration held on 15 November at “Prof. Marin Drinov” Hall of BAS. The director Prof. Radoslav Nakov presented the main aspects of the Institute's activities and recalled the mission of the scientists - to study the geological systems and georesources on the territory of Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. The Geological Institute is the only national complex geological organisation that systematically acquires knowledge on the geology of Bulgaria, said also Prof. Nakov. The 85th anniversary of Acad. Ivan Zagorchev was also celebrated. He is a respected scientist with worldwide recognition in the field of Earth sciences. Acad. Zagorchev delivered a lecture in which he presented his scientific research [...]

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Memorial plaque of Acad. Stefan Dodunekov in Veliko Tarnovo

A memorial plaque to Academician Stefan Dodunekov was inaugurated on 10 November in Veliko Tarnovo. The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of BAS, the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria and the Regional Academic Center of BAS in Veliko Tarnovo organized the event. The memorial plaque of Acad. Dodunekov is located in the alley "Personalities of Bulgaria with contribution to Veliko Tarnovo", where memorials are placed to prominent personalities who contributed with their activities to the development and promotion of the city in all areas of life. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Prof. Julian Revalski, Full Member (Academician) of BAS, His Eminence Metropolitan Grigory of Veliko Tarnovo, the Deputy Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality Prof. Georgi Kamarashev, [...]

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New laser system supports research at the Institute of Electronics

A new picosecond laser with harmonic frequency generation modules will support research at the Institute of Electronics of BAS. The state-of-the-art equipment will be used to develop new multifunctional materials. Within the framework of two projects funded by the National Science Fund, scientists from the Micro- and Nanophotonics Laboratory are looking for new approaches to form composite nanostructures from metal oxides and precious metals and to obtain new materials by laser-induced decomposition of nitride ceramics. The research will apply the method of laser ablation by picosecond pulses. Picosecond laser systems, generating pulses with durations of units to tens of picoseconds, are of increased scientific and applied interest. They are easier to use and more stable than systems generating ultrashort pulses. The application of picosecond laser [...]

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John Atanasoff – inventor of digital electronic computation

On the occasion of a publication on the Club “Z” website https://clubz.bg/129099, which claims that John Vincent Atanasoff's contribution to the basic principles of electronic digital computation is the fruit of unjustified Bulgarian ambitions, academicians from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences are recalling his achievements. The principles underlying modern computers are the essence of John Atanasoff's significant discovery. More precisely:           Using the binary number system. Numbers are represented only by 0 and 1;           Using electronic circuits to represent numerical information (0 or 1);           Introduction of regenerative (recoverable) memory;           Performing immediate logical operations. In 1939, John Atanasoff demonstrated a working prototype of his digital electronic computer. During the period 1939-1942, [...]

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