A memorial plaque to Academician Stefan Dodunekov was inaugurated on 10 November in Veliko Tarnovo. The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of BAS, the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria and the Regional Academic Center of BAS in Veliko Tarnovo organized the event.

The memorial plaque of Acad. Dodunekov is located in the alley “Personalities of Bulgaria with contribution to Veliko Tarnovo”, where memorials are placed to prominent personalities who contributed with their activities to the development and promotion of the city in all areas of life.

The opening ceremony was attended by the President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Prof. Julian Revalski, Full Member (Academician) of BAS, His Eminence Metropolitan Grigory of Veliko Tarnovo, the Deputy Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality Prof. Georgi Kamarashev, the Mayor of Kilifarevo, birthplace of Acad. Dodunekov, Dimitar Sabev, Prof. Rositsa Dodunekova, colleagues and relatives of Acad. Stefan Dodunekov.

The year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Academician Stefan Dodunekov. He was one of the most deserving and most respected Bulgarian mathematicians, at the same time a great scientist, a remarkable organizer of science, a visionary leader and a wonderful person, a long-time director of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at BAS, chairman of one of the oldest professional organizations in Bulgaria – the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria, one of the first founders of the units of BAS in Veliko Tarnovo, academician of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and its president.

Acad. Dodunekov is the founder and president of the Southeast European Mathematical Society, a scientist of international renown, a lecturer in algebra at several Bulgarian universities. He is one of the founders of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Veliko Tarnovo “St. Cyril and St. Methodius”. He was a member of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of St. Cyril and Methodius. He is the founder of the Seminar on Coding Theory in Bulgaria, which unites scientists from several Bulgarian universities and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.