The Assembly of Academicians has elected today new Corresponding Members in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Agricultural and Forestry Sciences.

Humanities and Social Sciences Branch


Corresponding Member Ivan Dinev Roussev, DSc

Born in 1963. He is a scientist of international renown.  His main scientific field is the economic history of Bulgaria. He also works on the diplomatic history of the Black Sea and the Balkans (18th-19th centuries) and studies the European consular presence in the region.  His attention is mainly drawn to the French economy. The focus of his research is the economic history of the transition from the late Middle Ages to the modern era in the Bulgarian lands. Prof. Roussev works at the University of Economics in Varna.

Social Sciences

Corresponding Member Ivan Ruschev Ruschev

Born in 1957. His scientific work is distinguished by the argumentation of original theses in relation to abstract theoretical concepts, from which a number of in-depth conclusions are drawn with a contributory character and significance for the development of legal practice. Prof. Ivan Ruschev participates in the management of international developments – programmes, including European Union programmes, contracts, projects, joint research. He is an established scholar in the field of legal sciences, with original thinking, with a taste for discussion issues and for new challenges in legal science. He is known in the legal community for his critical insight on a variety of topics in court practice. He works at the Faculty of Law of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

Corresponding Member Atanas Markov Semov

Born in 1970. He has a great contribution to the establishment and development of an independent scientific field in Bulgarian legal science: European Union law. His scientific works are devoted to the most important for the doctrine and for the practice scientific and scientific-practical problems of the EU law. He works at the Faculty of Law of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

Department of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences


Corresponding Member Georgi Tsvetkov Georgiev, DSc

Born in 1957. His main scientific contributions are related to the first introduction in Europe of Entomophaga maimaiga which is an effective biological pathogen of the most dangerous insect pest in deciduous forests – the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar), as well as the fight against it. He is conducting research to identify new species of parasitic ascomycetes in 13 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. He works at the Forest Research Institute, BAS.

Corresponding Member Albert Ivanov Krastanov, DSc

Born in 1960. His main scientific contributions in the field of engineering enzymology are related to bioreactors and active coatings based on immobilized enzymes and cells, encapsulation of enzymes in linear-dendritic copolymers, probiotics, biologically active compounds in Bulgarian essential-oil and medicinal plants. He works at the University of Food Technology in Plovdiv.