More than 50 projects of students from 15 cities are participating in the Ninth Scientific Session of the of the High-School-Students’ Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (HSSI-BAS). The scientific sessions are held in “Prof. Marin Drinov” Hall of the Academy.  Acad. Petar Kenderov who is the scientific supervisor of HSSI opened the two-day forum. At BAS we have a desire to help young people to develop and to get acquainted with what science offers – a good environment for development and a sense of being a citizen of the world because in science, when something new is done, it is new for the whole world, said Acad. Kenderov.

The themes of the students and their supervisors are worthy of development in the laboratories and offices of BAS, said at the opening the Vice President of BAS, Corr. Mem. Evdokia Pasheva. Regardless of who will be awarded in today’s competition, said Corr. Mem. Pasheva, what is more important is that in the preparation of the projects, young people have experienced the magic of science which offers exceptional challenges.

Guests at the opening were Elena Tarnichkova from the Ministry of Education and Science, Dr. Karina Angelieva, Gergana Passy, President of the Digital National Alliance and representatives of the “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” Foundation, which together with the Eureka Foundation supports young people.

The ninth student scientific session is dedicated to basic sciences for sustainable development. This year has been declared the “International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development” by UNESCO and the United Nations.  The mission of the High-School-Students’ Institute of BAS is to develop and build on project-based education based on creativity, research approach and innovation. See more at