110 years since the birth of the scientist-biologist and geneticist Acad. Radoy Popivanov (1913-2010) are celebrated on 9 August 2023. Radoy Popivanov was born in 1913 in Pleven. In 1939 he graduated in medicine in Sofia. As an assistant professor at the Medical Faculty of Sofia University he worked on problems of seroanthropology, medical biology and genetics under Metodiy Popov, and specialized in internal medicine under Konstantin Chilov. He was director of the Institute of Medical Biology of the Medical Academy and of the Central Laboratory of Genetics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Academician of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1974) and Minister of Public Health and Social Welfare (1977-88). His scientific contributions are in the field of isoserology, medical and general genetics, cell-tissue immunology. He was one of the pioneers in the immunogenetics of human reproduction. He also studied the population status of the Bulgarian people. His isoserological studies contributed to the improvement of blood transfusion, diagnosis and prevention of hemolytic disease of newborns.