Five successfully implemented projects were presented at the fourth edition of the Science for Business Forum held today at the Inter Expo Center. A method for recycling drug waste, the development of processes for collagen extraction, an innovative solution for assessing water pollution with microplastics were shown by scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The event was organized for the fourth consecutive year by BAS and the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Agency (BSMEPA).

Scientists and their innovative capacity should be used to make Bulgaria a strong and competitive economy, said the President of BAS Prof. Julian Revalski, Member of the Academy. He added that such initiatives shorten the distance between business and research. According to the Executive Director of BSMEPA, Dr. Boyko Takov, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences can fulfil the role of a development centre for the business in the country. The opening of the Science for Business Forum was attended by the Caretaker Deputy Minister of Innovation and Growth Prof. George Angelov and the Caretaker Deputy Minister of Education and Science Acad. Nikolaj Vitanov.

Sixteen scientific and applied technologies implemented in recent months in the laboratories of BAS which are ready for implementation in practice were presented at the event. Among the innovations shown were a sensor pipette, nitrogen fertilizer with reduced fertilizer loss, glass-carbon coatings on graphite materials, wear-resistant concrete, etc.

During the event, stands with products and prototypes of the latest developments of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences were placed in the expo area. There was also an opportunity for bilateral meetings between scientists and business.

The presented technologies can be seen here.