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Serdica Journal of Computing, 4 книжки годишно, английски език, международно списание.

Serdica Journal of Computing publishes original research and review articles in all major areas of computing in accordance with the ACM Computing Classification System (1998). The journal is an essential scientific forum, especially for young researchers and doctoral candidates in computer science, information and communication technology, knowledge processing technology and innovative applications of science. It offers high-impact articles by authors from Bulgaria and abroad. The journal is published regularly and enjoys great interest. Serdica Journal of Computing has a special rubric. It features review articles containing the principal results of PhD and MSc theses in the subject area of the journal. The goal is to popularise the scientific achievements of young researchers beginning a career in the domain of computer science. We hope that this enable a broad audience to become acquainted with these results, as traditionally the theses are published in very limited editions.

The journal is a partner publication of Serdica Mathematical Journal and aims for the same high professional standard. To this end, the editorial board includes eminent experts on a wide range of theoretical and practical areas of computer science and related fields. Among the members of the editorial board are professors at prestigious universities such as the University of Tel Aviv, the University of Maryland (USA), the Technical University of Crete, the Institute of Computing Research and Alfred Rényi Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Information Technologies and Education in Moscow, the State University of Columbia, Kettering University (USA), and others. At the same time, most members of the editorial board are also on the editorial boards of other world-renowned scientific journals such as Journal of Statistical Planning (USA), Discrete Mathematics (USA), Random Structures. This ensures that all papers published in Serdica Journal of Computing are of the highest international standard and in line with the developments and achievements in various aspects of computing worldwide.

All submissions, domestic or foreign, must be recommended for publication by a member of the editorial board and peer-reviewed by two narrow specialists in the field.

Serdica Journal of Computing is indexed by the main European review service Zentralblatt für Mathematik.

ISSN: 1314-7897 - Online
ISSN: 1312-6555 - Print

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Serdica Journal of Computing
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