Acta Morphologica et Anthropologica

Acta Morphologica et Anthropologica is continuation of the Acta cytobiologica et mophologica which was discontinued in the late nineties of the last century. Acta morphologica et anthropologica is an international open access peer review journal and publishes original articles, short communications, reviews, letters to the Editors.

The journal publishes results of cytological, histological, anatomical and anthropological research community in life sciences, including cell biology, immunobiology, pathology, neurobiology,environmental and toxicological research, reproductive biology, pharmacology, physical development and medical anthropology, paleoanthropology, anatomy, paleoanatomy, etc.

Acta morphologica et anthropologica is printed by the Academic Publishing House „Prof. Marin Drinov“.Since 2015 it is fully accessible online and the earlier volumes including vol. 15 are uploaded. The open access publishing policy contributes to publications’ high visibility and easier fostering of new scientific collaborations between scientists from all over the world.

ISSN 1311-8773 (print)
ISSN 2535-0811 (online)

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Адрес на редакцията:
Институт по експериментална морфология, патология и антропология с музей
ул. „ Акад. Георги Бончев“ бл. 25, 1113 София

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